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Emerald Mountain Christian School is a college preparatory school in covenant with God and families to provide students with a Biblical world and life view, and a superior academic education with an equal emphasis on building Christian character.








Pre-K and Kindergarten at EMCS

Kindergarten students enjoy learning as they gain a thorough foundation in language development through listening, speaking, pre-reading, and writing. Story time, a daily reading from the finest children's literature, gives every child valuable experience with imaginative language and role models. The intellectual capacity for learning is largely determined in the preschool years. Our intensive phonics program lays a foundation for reading and spelling which guarantees success in all subject content areas. Therefore, academic kindergartens are proven to be more beneficial in cognitive development than the older concept of typical church day care/ kindergarten.

First grade pupils who have experienced our kindergarten program are able to successfully sound and blend, summarize, paraphrase, distinguish a detail from a leading idea, act out parts in a story, recite dozens of Bible verses, and exhibit Christian self-government. Students are accepted to the K4, K5 & first grade at Emerald Mountain Christian School on the basis of their age by September 1st.

Pre-k programs are 3 days or 5 days from 8:00-3:00 PM or 5 half days. Kindergarten (K-5) is 5 days from 8:00-3:00 PM. Students participate in several special events, field trips and activities.

Tuition information and enrollment costs can be found here.

After School Care

After School Care is available to children of working parents after school hours. Parents must prepay $50 per month, payable at the same time but by separate check from tuition (the 1st of the month, no later than the 8th) or $4 per day for drop-ins. Parents must send either a snack in their child’s lunchbox or money to purchase a snack to be consumed during after school care.

Students are to report to After School Care immediately after the 3 o'clock bell. Students will do their homework, show respect to other students, and be obedient and respectful to those in charge of ASC. Parents must pick children up by 5:30 p.m. or call in an emergency situation. A late fee will be charged at the end of the month if the accumulative time exceeds 15 minutes ($5 per 15 minutes per family).

Shuttle Service

A shuttle will run from YMCA soccer fields located on Brown Springs Road in Montgomery at 7:25 a.m. and will return at 3:30 p.m.  Additional shuttles can be arranged from Wetumpka, Eclectic, and Tallassee if there is enough interest.  Please let us know. 

Only students who behave properly will be allowed to ride the shuttle.

Families interested in contacting other families to form a car pool are encouraged to call the school office.

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