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Emerald Mountain Christian School is a college preparatory school in covenant with God and families to provide students with a Biblical world and life view, and a superior academic education with an equal emphasis on building Christian character.








Athletics at EMCS

The mission of the EMCS athletic program is to glorify God through exercise and sports, exhibiting Christian character and self-government. The athletic program promotes enthusiasm and loyalty while providing an avenue to teach Christian principles through words and actions.

EMCS continues to provide a quality, principle-based education enabling academic achievement and social preparedness for lives and careers of Christian character and integrity.

The athletic program strengthens the essential values of Christian self-government, integrity, teamwork, excellence and leadership.


Our primary purpose is to promote the personal growth of our student-athletes, to become in life the best they can be. It is our goal to foster the Christian ideals and standards which will enable them to grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.


By their very nature, athletics inevitably involve character development; for this reason, we must conduct ourselves with utmost integrity and self-control. All our programs and activities must be consistent with the teachings of the Bible, the policies of the school, and the governing athletic bodies.


We are dedicated to winning in all aspects of competition – as individuals, as team members, and as representatives of Christ and Emerald Mountain Christian School. We understand that the success of any one person is always the result of dedicated effort on the part of many people. Therefore, while we recognize individual performances, we place the greater emphasis on the achievements of the team.


Dedication to excellence should distinguish our effort in every sport in which we compete. Excellence should be reflected in the conduct of all our teams, the performance of all our teams, the fiscal soundness of our program, and the condition of our facilities. We will always strive to give our all and, thereby, realize our best possibilities.


Our goal is to maintain a model Christian athletic program which sets standards that other athletic programs may seek to emulate. We will continue to pioneer and promote policies which will enhance the quality of high school athletics in our community and state.

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