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Emerald Mountain Christian School is here to meet the needs of Christian families who want their children to receive an excellent academic college preparatory education combined with a Biblical World and Life View in every subject. We desire to support the family and the church in creating an atmosphere for truth and learning.

Parents who express an interest in Emerald Mountain Christian School should review all the material presented here and consider their reasons for desiring a Christian education. Many, for the first time, will think in terms of a philosophy of education. To be successful, a Biblical Principle Approach School has to be administered within the context of a mission shared by equally dedicated parents. By the very nature of this, one can understand that EMCS administration may decline requests for enrollment, when the school is unable to meet individual needs.

If the Principle Approach appeals to a prospective family, parents must complete the application for enrollment and make an appointment with the EMCS registrar. During the orientation meeting, the registrar will explain the goals, purposes, programs, and governments of the school. In addition, parents will discuss the ages and the needs of the children being considered for enrollment. Believing that Christian education is an extension of the family, the registrar will also discuss the parents' Christian commitment and lifestyle. We believe that the parents' personal commitment to Christ (including the spiritual leadership of the father), as well as their active church membership and family devotions, are critical to the success of the EMCS student.

Admission requires an assent to the Statement of Faith, the signing of a prayer covenant, and a commitment for the entire year's financial obligation. Parents are also asked to volunteer their time to enhance the school's program.

Student enrollment will be limited to small classes with a maximum of 18 students.

Every classroom is a little republic with the responsibility to love, to consider, and to serve each other.  These are principles that should be lived out every day.

Admission is not limited to affluent families.  Tuition is kept at affordable fees for middle income families and the balance of the cost that the families pay and the cost of operating the school is made up with gifts and fundraising activities.  Families who have difficulty meeting even these moderate fees have an opportunity to work out up to half of their children's tuition.  Images of materialism are glaringly absent from our school as one is conscious of the absence of name-brand clothing which prevails in most other schools today.  We battle materialism conscientiously.


  • For further information, please contact our registrar by phone (334) 567-0555

our mission

Emerald Mountain Christian School is a college preparatory school in covenant with God and families to provide students with a Biblical world and life view, and a superior academic education with an equal emphasis on building Christian character.


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