Principle Approach Education

Emerald Mountain Christian School provides instruction in kindergarten and all primary and secondary grades. The core curriculum includes study in the basic disciplines, including Bible, English literature and composition (reading and writing in the lower school), languages, mathematics, the sciences and the social sciences, the arts, and physical education. As a comparative measure of performance, Emerald Mountain students take various national grade-level tests each year. Historically, Emerald Mountain students have demonstrated a higher level of academic achievement than their peers across the country. The consistent success rate of Emerald Mountain students, who come from all walks of life, is a product of Emerald Mountain's Principle Approach to the academic disciplines.

What is the Principle Approach?
1. Principle Approach is a method of Biblical reasoning which uses the four R's:
  • Researching God's Word to identify the Biblical principles and purposes of the subject
  • Reasoning from these principles with a student through the subject
  • Relating these principles to each student's Christian character, conscience, and stewardship of God-given talents
  • Recording (or the written record) of the teacher's and student's application of principles to daily life and living
2. It includes the 7 Biblical principles that distinguish America's Christian history and government.

3. It explains why the Internal produces the External.


How will the Principle Approach help your child?

1. It enables your child to discover the Biblical origin and purpose, the vocabulary, and the Christian history of the subjects taught.

2. It helps your child to take dominion over all subjects taught and to use a wider variety of resources.

3. It purposes to develop within your child the Christian character and scholarship necessary to support a Christian republic and to maintain abilities and civil liberties within society.

4. It prepares your child to discern the Providence and Principles of God in America's Christian history and in your child's individual history, as well.

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