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Proverbs 2:6

For the Lord gives wisdom, and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

about our academics

Christian schools were the tradition in America for 230 years. Our country's forefathers (often heralded for their wisdom, insight, and learning) were educated in an environment in which the Scriptures were the primary source of educational material and methodology. In the early 1960's, two historians who were studying the lives of the nation's greatest founders identified and defined the concept, Principle Approach Education. Their work inspired school administrators, parents, and students to hark back to the school days of the American patriots and founders by returning to the modern classroom (for those interested in Principle Approach) the courses and methods of study which helped formulate those great leaders. The ministry now operating Emerald Mountain Christian School has been offering this unique education for over four decades.

Our Curriculum

Emerald Mountain Christian School provides instruction in kindergarten and all primary and secondary grades. The core curriculum includes study in the basic disciplines, including Bible, English literature and composition (reading and writing in the lower school), languages, mathematics, the sciences and the social sciences, the arts, and physical education. As a comparative measure of performance, Emerald Mountain students take various national grade-level tests each year. Historically, Emerald Mountain students have demonstrated a higher level of academic achievement than their peers across the country. The consistent success rate of Emerald Mountain students, who come from all walks of life, is a product of Emerald Mountain's Principle Approach to the academic disciplines.

Our Faculty

In concert with its Christian mission and goals, EMCS strives to retain the most qualified teaching professionals for each faculty position. Academically, all faculty members shall be college graduates with an academic concentration in their teaching fields. In addition, all teachers must adhere to the Statement of Faith, and they must be committed to the Word of God and to the development of EMCS students.