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Mrs. Bobbie Ames

Mrs. Bobbie Ames

"How thrilling to see in the study of mathematics the very character of God - His unchangeableness, orderliness, preciseness, and infiniteness. How character-forming is the study of literature from the Christian perspective, and history from the providential view of what God is doing with men and nations!"

Mr. John B. Ames Sr.

Mr. John B. Ames Sr.

history of the School

Mission Statement

Emerald Mountain Christian School is a college preparatory school in covenant with God and families to provide students with a Biblical world and life view, and a superior academic education with an equal emphasis on building Christian character.

From humble beginnings ...

Knowing that only the truth of God's Word can build Christian character to reform American society and family life, John and Bobbie Ames grieved over the loss of moral absolutes and methodologies, namely Biblical reasoning and old-fashioned logic. Being unwilling to sit back and do nothing, they took their children out of the Perry County School System and started their own little school in Marion, Alabama, in 1965.

They established an educational program built on the Reformed Faith. This Biblical method instills Christian character in our children. They believed then, and believe now, that this is the only way to sustain a Christian Constitutional Republic. Assistance was sought from Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater of the Foundation for American Christian Education to aid in restoring the teaching and learning of true history from the Providential view.

Mrs. Ames and three ladies began the school with six grades and 32 children. Within a few years, the school enrolled over 200 children from a six-county area and added a small girl's dormitory. They also helped others in neighboring counties get their schools off the ground.

In 1977, they moved home to Selma, changed the name to Dallas Christian School and opened on the first floor of the First Bible Baptist Church, rent free. Pastors had asked them to bring the ministry to Selma because there was no school in Dallas County with this type of program. They consented to move the school to Selma. God provided additional teachers and Board members to guide the ministry in Selma.

When the Lord's favor was expressed in great measure by the receiving of a charitable trust income in memory of Kathryn Hoffman and her only son, Daniel, who gave his life in Vietnam, the Board of Trustees suggested that this ministry move to Montgomery in order to increase the outreach potential. In September of 1992, The Hoffman Center opened a model school in Montgomery, Alabama for the Principle Approach. Emerald Mountain Christian School greatly appreciates Faith Presbyterian Church for its cooperation in providing the initial building for us. The school is now located in our facility at 4125 Rifle Range Road at the foot of Emerald Mountain.

The Hoffman Educational Center exists to advance a Biblical world-view and the faith that results from such a view. This task includes the promoting of history, education and character of American Christians, and to educate the public on issues which will protect and equip our children for the future. This ministry has extended its outreach through research and writing, as well as through seminars to other schools and churches.

Over the 50 year existence of Emerald Mountain Christian School, graduates have excelled in many fields, and have been awarded academic scholarships in amazing numbers.

Welcome from the Principal

As a graduate myself, I am especially grateful to all of those who have been so supportive over the past five decades. I enjoy getting to know new students and their families as they become part of our school family.

Our K-4, K-5, and 1st grade programs are very structured with an intensive Open Court phonics program that is multi-sensory for different types of learners. Our 2nd-6th grade classes expand on the principles learned in those earlier grades. The students' solid foundation in basic and advanced skills enables them to excel in all areas of our curriculum. By the time our students reach the middle and upper grades, they are able to handle the rigorous demands their college prep courses place on them. The credits they receive in high school are hard earned and reflect the solid background that was begun in the earlier grades.

In addition to providing a quality academic education, our school places an equal emphasis on building Christian character. We use the Principle Approach methodology of teaching, which equips our students not only with an intellectual, logical view of our world, but it also prepares them to live as exemplary Christian men and women. The education that our school provides is classical, Christ-centered, and covenantal.

David P. Ames, Principal

Statement of Purpose

The forerunner of Emerald Mountain Christian School was Perry Christian School, formed in Marion, Alabama, in August 1965, as a nonprofit educational ministry, offering Christian parents a Biblical, classical education for their children. Its offspring, Emerald Mountain Christian School, founded in Montgomery in 1992, continues Perry Christian's precedent of the Principle Approach to education, teaching the student to relate each subject to Biblical truth, as well as to develop a Scriptural understanding of his/her unique role in life. The move to the area of Montgomery, Alabama, places this ministry in a location suited to expansion and outreach. The school serves Christian parents and children, who enroll as families in a covenant relationship with both God and the school. This ministry is unique in that it serves the three God-ordained institutions — the family, the church, and the civil government. It serves the Christian family by educating the whole child according to Christian principles. It serves the church by teaching Biblical truth on a daily basis. It supports the civil government by educating the child to take his place in a Christian Constitutional Republic.